Annibale Esposti’s company originated in Milan at the turn of the twentieth century, precisely in 1908, thanks to its founder, Francesco Esposti. The original activity was adressed towards the creation and production of tapestries and various kinds of paintings.

Francesco, a feisty, determined man with a strong character, was able to pass this passion on to his son Annibale. Annibale, having spent more than 10 years serving his country, re-opened the company in 1947 with the aid of his wife Teresita.
They specialized in the production of small and medium sized painting, placed in singularly and entirely carved frames, that were also gilded by hand, achieving a highly appreciated selection of works of rare quality and refinement.

After the loss of Annibale, his son Maurizio, together with wife Cinzia, took on the family business, increasing the offer of artwork, both in quality and in quantity.

Today Annibale Esposti’s company, at its third generation, offers a rich selection of framed works, created by excellent Italian artists and craftsmen.

They are able to assist clients in their most varied and original requests, and offer exclusive paintings customized for the furnishing of important residences.


In a family business like ours, care and determination in protecting the total quality of our paintings is the first rule. We’ve been honouring that rule for more than a hundred years.

No painting has ever left our laboratory without first being severely checked personally by the owners, who don’t settle for compromises – and never will.

This is guaranteed not by an abstract entity but, always, by a person.

Made in Italy

Each artwork produced in our company is rigorously an entirely made in Italy.

An important Italian public organism has recognised this “made in Italy” trait and qualified us as a company that excells among others in Lombardy.

Our strength is expressing a strong bond with the Western pictorial tradition and at the same time offering an original re-elaboration of it, through a creativity and insight absolutely novel and unique.

Exclusivity and Luxury

Annibale Esposti’s company unites history and current times in the artwork offered, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of style, matter and an incessant and passionate pursuit of beauty.

It expresses an original synthesis of extraordinary elegance and surprising charm in all of its artwork.

Hand Made

Exceptional handmade artwork is the Annibale Esposti trademark.

The creativity and genius of the refined Italian craftmanship are expressed even in the smallest details of these works.


Annibale Esposti restauro cornice fatta a mano

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