Sphere Collection

Sphere Collection


Salone del Mobile celebrates Leonardo

The tribute to Leonardo is actually one of the fundamental columns of Salone 2019. It is not without reason that the word ingenuity, that is the creative intelligence that allows to reinvent everything and that has a great father precisely in Leonardo, has been inserted in the Manifesto of this year's edition.

A decision that has its roots in the very close relationship between our city and the genius from Vinci, who spent about twenty years in Milan in mature age, offering the best of his creative ability and exploring many fields of knowledge.


Sphere Collection is insipired by Leonardo

Following this direction and its fascinating suggestions, Annibale Esposti was inspired by Leonardo's works to create the Sphere Collection.

Leonardo often represented the sphere in his paintings: we find it firstly in the famous painting of The Vitruvian Man, in which the circle symbolizes the celestial sphere and the square defines the terrestrial destiny.

We find a Sphere also in the painting Salvator Mundi, which, due to its optical strangeness, has been the center of the critics for a long time. This incredible work of art, in particular, was for us the stimulus to create the new collection of Italian paintings.

The Sfere Collection therefore celebrates the quadrature of the circle and combines the dynamism, the immobility and the preciousness of the sphere, often represented with the gold: an essential, precious and rich collection, where the contents aesthetic and cultural are harmonized on the canvas.

We will wait you discover it at the Salone del Mobile!