Original hadpainting, oil on canvas signed G.Lince

Size cm 60X80 h, complete with frame cm 88x108 h

It belongs to the  “Abstract Realism Collection” , where feelings and emotions are mixed together with objects and elements belonging to real life: this collection  is composed by oil paintings where many elements of reality are  mixed together in harmony and most of them  are almost hidden under shadows  and  colors with their leaks.

These abstract-realistic  compositions force the viewer to see  all the hidden elements and to understand  what the  artist is going to suggest us  through his art.

The title of the painting helps the viewer to understand this game and to find out all the small details connected with the theme of the painting.  The painting is always  a starting  interactive game between the  images and the viewer. It is also interesting to find out a story through all these elements and the painting  becomes an artworks telling a story  through the brush strokes.

This  artwork , thanks to its  fresh colors , transmit   joy and positive feelings and   it is very interesting and intriguing . In the  painting  “Fashion” the fashion  world is enhanced with all  its beauty and wishes  : ladies silhouettes, shoes with hills, perfumes bottles, san valentine  and love words,  red lips with glossy lack ,  etc.)

The artist can develop with his fancy  and with his hands many different subjects   telling different stories , and any of them  is unique as the painting itself  . Some collectors  appreciate  to have a very custom made painting which could remind important moment of their life, or particular  loved  object  or cars , or  animals , etc.  and the artist  develop these ideas  starting from only one wish.

The painting is protected with special transparent varnish, which preserves colors and pigments from the air and the oxygen. The painting is stretched on solid wooden bars to avoid any warping and thanks to special wooden wedges in square structures the canvas can be stretched in case it is required.

The frame, belonging to the Crystal collection ,  is  finished by hand with golden leaves ( similar to gold), this finishing  is very precious since it is all 100% made by hand. Rigorously finished  by hand by Italian skilled handicraftsmen : more than 15 different hand- processes are required to finish a frame from the raw: this   makes the frame unique

Complete with hook, ready to be hung