Floral composition - REF. 16.167

Floral composition - REF. 16.167




Original handpainting, oil on canvas

Size  complete with  frame cm 85x135h

The painting belongs to the  “Floral collection ” by Annibale Esposti . The painting   represents a floral composition with different colored roses and flowers. The colors and brush strokes are very delicate and soft.

The painting is protected with special transparent varnish, which preserves colors and pigments from the air and the oxygen.

The frame is  finished by hand with golden leaves ( similar to gold), this  gilding is very precious since it is all 100% made by hand and  decorated  by hand with marble effect. Rigorously finished  by hand by Italian skilled handicraftsmen : more than 15 different hand- processes are required to finish a frame from the raw: this   makes the frame unique

Complete with hook  , ready to be hung